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Find out more about our new BPW Chassis
April 4, 2011

BPW is a leading supplier of axles and chassis for trailers and knows a thing or two about trailer stability.

So when it came to designing our new Inos caravan they were the ideal partner.

When a tandem axle combination is required for larger caravans such as our Inos, BPW has a neat way of improving stability by introducing load compensation.

One of the problems with tandem axle trailers is the fact that when driven over rough terrain, or very uneven road surfaces, all the load can be transferred to just one of the axles. This can lead to severe over-loading.

The engineers at BPW have come up with a clever design to prevent this. They have connected the two axles together in such a way that as one axle moves vertically up or down, the other moves in the opposite direction by way of compensation. Thus ensuring that at all times (subject to the limit of axle travel) both axles remain in contact with the ground.

BPW uses two torsion bar axles connected by two link rods. As one axle moves upwards or downwards in response to say a speed hump or a pothole, the other axle will automatically move in the opposite direction. So at no time is one axle lifted clear of the ground.

See here fore more information regarding BPW

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