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Nissan Pathfinder Review

For the past six months we have been road testing the new Nissan Pathfinder, which has been dubbed the ‘most intelligent 4×4 we have ever thought of’-so we certainly had high expectations when we first picked it up!


We’ve been up and down the country in the Pathfinder, towing our new Inos caravan and have driven on motorways, country lanes and muddy fields in a range of weather conditions- so we have really put the vehicle to the test and it hasn’t failed to impress!


The Pathfinder includes a range of hi-tech equipment including sat-nav which found even the most remote places with ease; fantastic entertainment system with a 6 CD autocharger, six speakers, 9GB HDD music service- so there was never a dull moment during any excursions.


The features of the Pathfinder make it an overall more enjoyable drive than other vehicles we’ve driven – the stability of the 4×4 makes it more secure; the cruise control feature creates a more relaxing drive and the heated front seats and leather upholstery creates a more comfortable experience.


The intelligence of the car extends to rain sensor wipers, audio with Bluetooth compatibility, a colour rear parking camera – a feature which makes pitching even easier than ever before.


Sales Director at Fifth Wheel, Adrian Parry-Jones, said: “The new Pathfinder is an excellent model and it is very strong for towing the Inos due to the combination of large power and the small engine size of 2.5 litres. It is a smooth and quiet drive which meets all the safety requirements. It is very spacious and comfortable and with seven seats it is ideal to take the whole family out in.”


Our verdict is that it is a comfortable and enjoyable ride, which coped with every condition we threw at it. It can certainly cope with any weather and road conditions and is strong enough to pull our Inos caravan. The vehicle is fuel efficient and we noticed a big saving on long journeys. We would definitely recommend in to anybody who is towing a caravan.


Prices of the Pathfinder start from £31,000.


For more information about choosing your tow vehicle, call us on 01745 583000.

Wardens choose Inos as their home from home

Fifth Wheel in The Caravan Club Magazine

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The Fifth Wheel Company is truly a family affair. Based in the stunning North Wales countryside of Rhuallt, Denbighshire, we founded the Fifth Wheel Company in 2002.


Originally set up by husband and wife team Mervyn and Jenny Parry-Jones in conjunction with their son Adrian – it wasn’t long before daughter Ceri moved back to join the team. So how did we end up designing and manufacturing fifth wheels? Well back in 1997, we managed a successful Massey Ferguson tractor dealership. Needing a comfortable base when exhibiting tractors at shows and events, we imported a fifth wheel from America. It wasn’t long before our new tourer was attracting interest among friends and colleagues. And this planted a seed in Mervyn’s mind.

“We loved the sheer comfort, luxury and flexibility of our tourer and realised that there was a gap in the UK market.”

In the 1990s the only option was to import from the US, followed by a lengthy and expensive process of conversion to ensure it met UK standards including brakes, electrics and gas systems. So when someone asked why we didn’t start producing them, we couldn’t think of a good reason. Within six months we had developed our first prototype of a UK version – more suited to smaller European roads and compliant with European standards – and the dream began to take shape.

“Since we started the Fifth Wheel Company in 2002, Fifth Wheel Co. have gone on to win numerous accolades, including The Caravan Club Design Awards five years in a row, been hailed as ‘the biggest thing to hit the UK caravan market in 20 years’ and achieved a verdict of 10 out of 10 by The Caravan Club Magazine.”

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Summer Shutdown

We will be on our Annual Summer Shutdown from 5.30pm on the 17/08/18 and will return on 03/09/2017. Should you have an urgent enquiry during this time, please contact us on 01745 583 000, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you,  The Fifth Wheel Team.

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We will be closed over the festive period from 20th December 2018 – 2nd January 2018. In case of emergencies during the Christmas period – please call our landline number (01745 583 000), leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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