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From the beginning, we set out to be a different than any other caravan or tourer company. We wanted to be the best in British caravan design and luxury and bring sheer comfort, opulence and flexibility to those wishing to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

By continuously focusing on innovation and customer demand, we have gained popularity with customers throughout the UK, Europe and New Zealand and are now proud to manufacture the ultimate in touring luxury that includes special features such as automatic levelling, slide-out sides and surround sound cinema systems.


Our first Fifth Wheel prototype ‘Nelly’ was developed, the prototype would be known as the Celtic Rambler and taken to our first ever show in Shepton Mallet.


The Celtic Rambler won its first Caravan Club Design award for best innovation.


This was another fantastic year for the Fifth Wheel Company as they were the first company ever to receive a 10 out of 10 by the caravan club magazine. As a way to thank all of its customers to date, The Fifth Wheel Company held its first Experience Weekend and invited customers back to the factory for a fabulous BBQ evening.


Saw another member of the Fifth Wheel family born. The DreamSeeker was introduced which is more family friendly, thanks to its spacious interior and versatile accommodation which sleeps up to five people.


The Fifth Wheel Company took the NEC and the Caravan industry by storm when it launched its Inos caravan.


During 2013, there were major developments in the Inos and DreamSeeker products which included an Inos Family model being introduced.


Manufactured the specific edition Talon Engineering DreamSeeker.


First exports to Australia and New Zealand.


Began our partnership with Busching Tuning GmbH in Germany.


The 3rd Generation Inos was launched with a brand new internal layout.


Launched the 6th generation Celtic Rambler.


Launched the 4th generation DreamSeeker.

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