Embrace a Touring Lifestyle – Tailor Made for You

Imagine having the freedom to travel, the chance to visit idyllic places and the opportunity to holiday without the hassle – when you own a tourer, the possibilities are endless.

At Fifth Wheel Co, we have been designing and manufacturing tourers for nearly twenty years and we appreciate the freedom and opportunities caravanning has to offer, we also realise that every client is different – so when two very different customers approached us with their own unique design ideas, we were only too happy to help.

Jane Preece and Jenny Lee both wished to purchase a Celtic Rambler, a modern, comfortable fifth wheel tourer that can be customised to choice, but both had a very different vision regarding functionality and aesthetics.

Jane’s dream was to abandon the “conventional” way of living and reside in her tourer permanently, she has a holistic approach to life and wanted to explore the great outdoors and live in a way that was beneficial for her health.

Jane requested organic materials to be used where possible for the upholstery and carpeting, and given her sensitivity to electro-smog, the electrical specification was changed to reduce the effects of this as much as possible. A composting toilet was also installed to reduce the reliance on chemicals and minimise the environmental impact of waste disposal by turning it into compostable matter. The challenge for the team was not only meeting Jane’s wellbeing needs, but to not overlook the need to make her new home aesthetically pleasing as well as functional whilst meeting her critical delivery requirements.

Jane said “When I ordered my Celtic Rambler, I was in rented accommodation and looking to change the way I was living. I had never owned a caravan before but my plan was to move into the tourer, use it as my base for a while and have a flexible life, one that would improve my sense of wellbeing and take me to places I had never seen in the UK and abroad. The timescale I gave to Fifth Wheel was tight and there were many bespoke aspects I required which would benefit my health. The team met my requirements and following three days of training on collection, I am now pleased to be travelling, getting used to my tourer and having a different life experience”.

Jenny wanted her Celtic Rambler for long holidays, but she desired an interior to suit her own unique taste and style. Modifications to Jenny’s Fifth Wheel were very specific and included a bespoke entertainment unit, the integration of an ice making machine and an extra television that could also be used as a faux fireplace, whilst being able to watch the other TV. The main challenge for the team in this case was ensuring standard furniture assemblies could be easily modified by the factory as well as maintaining the attention to detail Jenny required.

Jenny said “My husband, Adrian, and I purchased a Celtic Rambler to be our home from home, as we will be spending many months at a time, in warm climates as well as skiing in cold climates, and we wanted to make sure the interior had the finish, style & comfort that we like. The amazing team at Fifth Wheel Co. listened to our every need as we discussed making many small, but significant changes that appealed more to our taste. This included fitting bespoke, hand-made gloss fascia’s, making aesthetic changes to furniture and making storage spaces in the Rambler more practical for us and the way we live. With all the dedication, effort & commitment by the team at Fifth Wheel Co. to ensure all our requirements were met, Adrian & I are now very happy with our second home and are looking forward to our travels – we absolutely love it!”.

All our fifth wheel tourers are designed to give you the finish, space and technology for you to be able to live comfortably but as you can see from these two requests, customers often want something very different. David Robinson, Design Manager at Fifth Wheel Co. said “It is not unusual to see two polarising caravans on the production line – no two customers are the same and that’s the difference with what we can offer people in comparison to other manufacturers”.

Talk to the team today to discuss your requirements. Bespoke builds can be a balancing act but is a challenge embraced by us at Fifth Wheel Co.

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